Made_In_U_S_A_Logo_by_Steel89Designer thyroid cover/slips!  Made in the USA! 100% Cotton*!

Personalized thyroid covers specifically designed and developed for your thyroid collar.  Don’t let dirty, soiled, sweaty, oily, x-ray department’s thyroid collars touch your skin!  Slip this on and be confident that those thyroid shields don’t contaminate your skin.

Do you own your own thyroid shield? Protect your investment!  Thyroid shields are difficult to wash and clean. Slip a thyroid cover over your thyroid shield to protect it for years!

How to care for your thyroid slips: These slip on thyroid covers are easy to slip on and easy to remove.  They can easily be folded into your pocket.  They are machine washable and able to reuse again and again!

This product contains no lead or lead equivalent material to protect your thyroid. This product is a thyroid slip/ sleeve used in combination with a thyroid shield. This product is NOT a thyroid shield.

Kaleidoscope (hover over image for detail) - $29.99
Kaleidoscope is derived from the Ancient Greek observation of beautiful forms. ONCE YOU LOOK AT THIS PATTERN OF COLORFUL SHAPES, THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL FORMS!

Red Hawaiian (hover over image for detail) - $29.99
For the Hawaiian lover with red hibiscus flowers.

Day of the Dead Skull (hover over image for detail) - $30.99
(Only applies to this style) You spoke, we listened! A washable thyroid cover with small opening at the bottom to thread your personalized thyroid collar through. (only applies to this pattern).