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4 Major Exams

  • ARRT Radiologic Technology
  • Bone Density (DEXA) (DXA)
  • Fluoroscopy Certification Preparation
  • Mammography  breastcancer

More about the Radiography Certification

RayosEducation can help you pass the ARRT (R) examination. Currently, the ARRT radiography examination consists of 200 questions. These questions come from content categories: Radiation protection, Equipment and Quality Control, Image acquisition and evaluation, Imaging procedures, and Patient care and Education.

RayosEducation has carefully developed content category specific questions. The numbers of questions we have developed in the follow categories are:

  • Over 135 questions on Radiation Protection with sections on Digital Fluoroscopy!
  • Over 80 questions on Equipment Operation and Quality Control
  • Over 125 questions on Image Acquisition and Evaluation with sections on Digital Radiography!
  • Over 175 questions on Imaging Procedures
  • Over 95 questions on Patient Care and Education

We have compiled over 600 questions to help you learn and pass the ARRT Radiography examination! This is three times (3Xs) the number of questions that the ARRT radiography examination contains! Our massive archive with up to date questions, images, and information can help you improve on anatomy and strengthen identification skills! We have detailed explanation and feedback explaining the correct answers-so you know where you stand!

Access our test anywhere! Take advantage of our detailed quizzes and use our comprehensive mock simulation exam to ensure you will pass the radiography exam. Do what many students have already done! Use RayosEducation to help you pass the ARRT radiography exam with confidence! Start your subscription today!

Special Note: The ARRT is a registered trademark and owned by the ARRT. In no way does RayosEducation imply use of trademark infringement. The ARRT does not endorse any RayosEducation products/services.

More about the Mammography Certification Preparation

RayosEducation Mammography module contains over 325 questions! We have carefully formulated these questions to cover the content specifications as outlined in the ARRT (M). These include:

  • Patient Care: Education/Assessment
  • Instrumentation and Quality Assurance
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
  • Technique and Image Evaluation & Breast Imaging Procedures.

Our module also addresses California Radiologic Health Branch (CA-RHB) State Mammography Certification exam, as well as other State specific Radiologic Technologists Mammography Certification License.

More about the Fluoroscopy Certification Preparation

Operators who wish to gain a better understanding on conventional and digital fluoroscopy, QA/QC Standards and regulations and more! If you are from or practice in the following states, this Fluoroscopy Certification Preparation will benefit you! States include:

  • California - Addresses the new California Fluoroscopy Certification
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia

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  • Hundreds of questions and answers for you to review & comprehend
  • Develop strong test taking skills in preparations for the real exam
  • Be confident prior to taking the exam
  • We use the latest and up to date information
  • Rationale are provided, so you know exactly the logic to the answer
  • Our exams keep track of your time, so you know where you stand
  • Flag your questions for review - just like the REAL exam!
  • And much more!

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Physicians, PA’s and Imaging Professionals trust for the latest information on certification information for the fluoroscopy exam. is the most dependable website for the preparation of the ARRT® Certification examination! We get you the results you need!

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Bella, CRT, RT (R), ARRT
Information is extremely pertinent to the exams and certifications. A great value!
Seema, CRT, RT(R) (M), ARRT
The Fluoroscopy exam provides great information for the preparation of the fluoroscopy exam in California. You can't afford not to get a subscription!
James, Student Radiology Program delivers with up to date information for physicians,chiropractors, PA's and podiatrists interested in getting their operators permit in fluoroscopy. Don't miss it!
Jennifer, MD, PhD, FACS, Radiologist
I used to study for the fluoroscopy exam for 3 weeks. It was very organized and had a lot of useful practice questions to keep me going. I took the fluoroscopy exam last month and got my fluoroscopy permit! When comparing with other websites I used, Rayos was much more user friendly.
Jennifer, Member
I used your site to study and I just found out I passed the exam. Thank you!
Magdelena Lindsey, Member