I would like to extend my current subscription, what do I do? offer its members an additional two-month subscription for $19.99! This offer is available from the Members (Private) Area. From time to time will provide "Special Offer" page that appears on login. You may also take advantage of this offer to extend your membership. This is our way of saying thanks for using as your online source on preparing for your Radiology exam.

How would I know when my subscription will expire?

You can find out the expiration date of your subscription by logging in to which will take you to the Members Area. From the Members Area you can view the Membership Expiration date on the right sidebar.

Are my transactions and credit card information safe?

Yes. Our website uses SSL encryption techniques to transfer data and personal information. The encrypted data are not understood unless examined or translated under the process of SSL protocol. SSL stands for Single Socket Layer and is a protocol (set of rules) used to secure Web connections. SSL works by the sharing of encrypted keys, or passwords. The keys are created in pairs—one a public key and one a private key. When the keys are traded in a particular manner between two parties, this protocol assures the parties in communication they are transacting with one another and not a hacker or phisher. It also assures the data being transmitted are not intercepted by someone else.

Is any financial information stored in database tables?

No. All financial details, including, but not limited to: credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing addresses; are ALL stored securely, inside your PayPal® and NOT within our database. only uses approved API connections, provided by your Payment Gateway. does NOT store any financial information, it only stores a Paid Subscr. ID (aka: Transaction ID or Recurring Profile ID) inside our database. Again, stores all financial information securely within your Payment Gateway account, and NOT locally within database.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription starts as soon as your payment clears. subscriptions ordered online with a credit card, this will be as soon as the credit card transaction is complete.

Can I share my subscription to others?

No. Individual subscriptions are licensed only to the user who purchased the subscription. When you agreed to the Terms of Service Agreement, you agreed to keep your User Name and Password confidential.