The California radiology supervisor and Operator exam- Will the RayosEducation Radiography Module help?

Yes! RayosEducation Radiography modules addresses:  Radiation protection, Equipment and Quality Control, Image acquisition and evaluation, Imaging procedures, and Patient care and Education.  Chiropractors (DC), Podiatrists (DPM), Physician's Assistants (PA's) and other physicians (MDs and DO's) would benefit using the RayosEducation Radiography module to prepare for the actual examination. Our Radiology prep exam will assist any student needing to pass the ARRT Radiography exam!  It is up to date with the latest information and thousands of students have used our module and passed.

What do you mean, the Fluoroscopy test addresses the California Fluoroscopy Certification?

In 2013, the Radiologic Health Branch of California has adopted the new California Fluoroscopy examination. The new examination is administered by the ARRT. This new examination will be administered to California Candidates who are required to take the examination to either satisfy (1) A Radiologic Technologist Fluorscopy Permit or (2) A Fluoroscopy Supervisor and Operator Permit (generally for physicians and PA’s). RayosEducation.com Fluoroscopy practice exams, addresses the New California Fluoroscopy exam. We have carefully reviewed the content category and have developed questions, answers rational to provide the candidate with the most up to date information. For more information regarding the new California requirement, please click herehttp://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/radquip/Pages/FluoroExam.aspx Special Note: Students who need a refresher course in Fluoroscopy from States outside California will benefit RayosEducation.com, as these questions prepares the candidate to take the ARRT Certification.